I’m a freelance writer and editor living just outside Williamsburg, Virginia. I graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2000 and took my first job in public outreach at NASA Langley. During my career, I’ve written on topics ranging from technology and history to trend and lifestyle. No matter the sector, the job is always the same: scouting out the most critical client values and using them to scaffold the story.

I live with my husband, our daughter, one sweet dog and a shockingly large cat on a northern bend of the Chickahominy River. I love that I can stand on our bank and see the same view that the Ozenick Tribe squinted across 400 years ago. Virginia soil is is thick with clay and history, and I never get tired of the gritty, funky and complicated stories that unfolded here.

Predictably, I read books a lot for fun, but my true guilty pleasure is Marvel movies. I waste a lot of time fiddling with yarn, and I’ll drop everything for a fresh cup of coffee.